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Tallulah Book Series Tallulah Book Series Tallulah Book Series Tallulah Book Series Tallulah Book Series

Tallulah Book Series - $18.99

Tallulah's Tutu- Tallulah just knew she could be a great ballerina, if only she had a tutu. She starts ballet class but she does not receive a tutu, she quits. Everywhere she goes, things keep reminding her of ballet. And Tallulah can’t seem to stop doing ballet, either.
This well-told, funny story with a smart new character shows that ballet is about more than just the tutu.

Tallulah's Nutcracker- It’s Christmastime, and Tallulah finally gets what she’s been wishing for—a part in a real ballet, a professional production of The Nutcracker. She’s only a mouse, but she works as hard as if she had been cast as the Sugar Plum Fairy.On the night of the show, everything is perfect. But then disaster strikes! Does Tallulah have what it takes to become a real ballerina?

Tallulah's Solo- Tallulah is certain she will have a solo in her dance school’s upcoming performance of The Frog Prince. After all, she is now an excellent ballerina. And she’s proud that her little brother, Beckett, has started taking ballet too, even though he spends most of his time goofing off.
But then Tallulah gets an unexpected surprise . . . and not the good kind. What’s a
ballerina to do when everything does not go as planned?
Ballet and sibling rivalry meet head-on in this fabulous follow-up to Tallulah’s Tutu.

Tallulah's Toe Shoes- Tallulah is back in ballet class and now she wants to go en pointe—to dance up on the tips of her toes in pink satin toe shoes, like a real ballerina. But going en pointe is not good for growing feet, and her ballet teacher says her feet aren't ready yet. Oh, yes, they are, Tallulah thinks. And so am I. Not only is she ready, she's determined. And nothing stops Tallulah when her mind is made up!

Hardcover books, for readers ages 4-7

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