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<font color= "blue">-Autographed-</font><br>Out There: Jonathan Porretta's Life in Dance Book <font color= "blue">-Autographed-</font><br>Out There: Jonathan Porretta's Life in Dance Book <font color= "blue">-Autographed-</font><br>Out There: Jonathan Porretta's Life in Dance Book

Out There: Jonathan Porretta's Life in Dance Book - $30.00

Jonathan Poretta is retiring at the end of PNB's 2018-19 season. All books come autographed by him.

Out There is an expanded version of Marcie Sillman's article on Jonathan Porretta, one of the most beloved dancers at Pacific Northwest Ballet, published on in January 2016. In addition to Sillman’s essay, Out There includes a list of Porretta’s lead roles (plus 10 favorites highlighted with personal commentary by Porretta), a selected bibliography of articles about Porretta, and a timeline. 

The book’s message—“Be yourself and people will love you for who you are”—comes through clearly in Sillman’s crisp, engaging prose. Family snapshots and exquisite dance photography by Angela Sterling show key moments in Porretta’s career thus far.

136 pages, hard cover, 8.5” x 11”. With over 200 images.

PNB Artistic Director Peter Boal says...

“This book is worth the purchase price just for the retrospective of Jonathan Porretta’s various hairstyles. Like thousands of fans in Seattle, you will love this guy. Jonathan’s unmatchable energy jumps from each page of this visually stunning book. As much as the story catalogues the career of one of the greats in the world of ballet, it is also the story of a talented boy finding his identity and his passion for dance through the unwavering support of his mother. This compelling tale takes the reader from the close-minded bullying of the schoolyard to the dazzling bravura of the stage. It’s a great read for ballet-goers, boys, moms, and the rest of the human race.”

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